Geocomputation with Python


Michael Dorman, Anita Graser, Jakub Nowosad, Robin Lovelace


This is the online home of Geocomputation with Python, a book on reproducible geographic data analysis with open source software.

Inspired by the Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) movement this is an open source book. Find the code underlying the geocompy project on GitHub, ensuring that the content is reproducible, transparent, and accessible. Making the book open source allows you or anyone else, to interact with the project by opening issues, making typo fixes and more, for the benefit of everyone.

The book’s website is built by GitHub Actions, which runs the code every time we make a change, ensuring code correctness and reproducibility. The current build status as follows:

You can run the code in the book using GitHub CodeSpaces as follows (requires a GitHub account):

For details on reproducing the book, see the README in the project’s GitHub repo: